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Monday 20th April 2020

Good Morning 2S,

It's lovely to be back to learning time! Today, you'll be starting with your spelling test and then we're going to ease gently into Maths, with some times tables and arithmetic practice before we start TIME tomorrow. We'll be starting our new super English work and RE is linked to Ramadan which begins later this week.

Are you ready to get going? I certainly am!

Try your best with everything, please.

Mrs S x


P.S. Have your parents checked their email? I've had 10 replies so far - thank you!

Did you keep up with Joe Wicks during the Easter holidays? I did do it every day and I'm feeling stronger and fitter! Here is the link again:

It's your last chance to practice your spellings before you ask someone to do your test:

Now, here's a puzzle that links to your new spellings. Can you work out what the missing words should be in each sentence?

I'll give you the answers and the new spellings tomorrow!


1) Please start with a page from the Flashbacks. You'll need Week 3-4 Week 3/Day 1. They're saved in the Maths folder and you'll need to press play on the Powerpoint so you can touch or click to see the answers when you're ready to check them.


2) Please practice your Times Tables - whichever ones that you need to do. They're all saved in the Maths folder, too.


3) Now that your brain is all warmed up, I'd like you to do the 3a Mental Arithmetic test. This is also saved in the Maths folder. This will give you a chance to practice all of your number skills.


4) Finally, here's today's problem page:




I'd like you to study this picture of Bob in his house. What do they think his hobbies are?

Use bullet points to write your ideas in a list.

Write your list of questions and keep them somewhere safe for tomorrow.

Can you use all of these 'question words' to start your sentences?









Use Google to check any spellings.

Make sure your capital letters at the start are really clear.

Have you used a question mark at the end of each one?

Here's today's Guided Reading Text and questions. Read the text to yourself and to a grown up or older sibling.


This week is very special for many of our children as Ramadan will start by the end of the week.

Please watch the videos and read through the PowerPoint.

And here's the task that I would like you to complete:

If you'd like to do some extra Ramadan activities, there are lots to choose from in this booklet:

I'll include this booklet each day this week.