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Monday 20th April 2020

Good Morning Class 1/2A and Parentssmiley


Welcome back to the start of the Summer term! I hope you all enjoyed the Easter break. I hope you managed to enjoy the sunshine and spend time in the garden or go out for some exercise. It is so good to be back with our home learning. I am sorry that we can’t be back at school because it’s not safe for us. We all need to look after ourselves and keep our families save. I emailed everybody's parents on Friday. Please check your emails and let me know that you are all ok, if you haven't already done so. Thank you to the children and parents who have replied back to my email and shared some amazing pictures of your work. I am a very proud of you all!!


I will be putting Daily Tasks into our folder again and we are starting our new Space themed topic: 'Zoom to the Moon' which I am sure that you will really enjoy. 


See you all soon, I hope.

Love from Mrs Ahmad


P.S. Don't forget that your parents can send me photos or videos of what you have been doing and making. I love to receive these.


Weekly Spellings:

Keep practicing your phonics . I have saved the password and log on details in the phonics folder


For this week we are focusing on phase 6 phonics this term. Your spellings will be saved each week in the spelling folder. Remember to keep practicing your spellings.



Listen and watch the video adding 'ed' to past tense.


Then play the game on phonics play to practice your 'ed' suffixes in phase 6 phonics. 

Mrs Green's Phonics Group please use the following website:



Break Time:

Did you keep up with Joe Wicks during the Easter holidays? I did do it every day although it might not have been at 9am! Here is the link again:



Starter Activity: Log into your SplashLearn account to practice multiply by 2.



Times Tables:

Remember to practice you times tables. I have saved all the times tables in the Maths folder.



I would like you to click on week 2 and complete the flashback lesson on measuring capacity and volume.



Then click on Summer Week 1 20/04/20 and complete flashback on doubles:


Break Time:

This is good time for some Mindfulness Exercises to recharge your energy and focus.



In English this half term we are going to be study a new text:

I'd like you to study this picture of Bob in his house. What do they think his hobbies are?



Write your list of questions and keep them somewhere safe for tomorrow.

Use Google to check any spellings.

Make sure your capital letters at the start are really clear.

Have you used a question mark at the end of each one?



Guided Reading:

Here's today's Guided Reading Text and questions. Read the text to yourself and to a grown up or older sibling.


Can you answer the Reading Comprehension questions?



Remember to read everyday and ask the grown ups to log you on to a new reading website. 

Can you please check the Reading Folder as I saved details of a website that I would like you to sign up to support your child's reading.



In RE today we are going to be focusing on the holy month of Ramadan that all Muslims around the world are going to be taking part. Ramadan will be starting on Thursday 24th April or Friday 25th April.


First I would like you to go through the PowerPoint with an adult and discuss what Ramadan is about.


Then watch the video clips with an adult:

Newsround Link: What is Ramadan?


Then complete the Ramadan activities and you can choose which one you would like to complete.





If you would like to do some more Ramadan activities during the month of Ramadan. I have attached a Ramadan Booklet for you to work through.


I hope you all have a lovely day and remember to do your best!


Mrs Ahmad smiley