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Monday 20th April


Good Morning Reception!

How are you? We have missed you so much!

How was your Easter holidays? Tell us what you have been up to...


I know lots of you are missing your friends lots and lots. It is so strange not being at school for us too. We miss seeing all of our family and work friends and YOU! 


I'm not going to tell you all about my Easter holidays because I have given you three clues about what I have been up to in today's Maths video. Can you pop over to the YouTube channel and work out what I have been doing from my three clues? 


What have we been doing today?

Miss Day: Today we were really glad to get some lovely sunshine. It means we can go in the garden. Nora and I did some painting this morning and she is too young to understand how to just paint the paper. She got paint all over her hands and legs. 

In the afternoon I got our maths video ready for today and went in the garden. I have been doing lots of jobs around our house, I love seeing the difference I've made. 


Mrs Atkinson: i have enjoyed the Easter holidays it has been lovely to have some time relaxing with my family! I am glad the weather has been so lovely and I have spent lots of time in the garden as well as doIng lots of jobs around the house. Here are some pictures of what I have been doing.



Check out your daily work in the maths and phonics folders. 


Parents: Remember we are not expecting you to be teachers! Just do what you can and shout if you need us :) 


Stay Safe, 

Miss Day, Mrs Atkinson, Miss Newburn, Miss Smith & the EYFS Team :)