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Monday 20th April

Hello 5G

I hope you all had an amazing Easter Holiday. The weather was fantastic and I hope you got to enjoy a bit of it, either during your daily exercise or in the garden. I have been walking my dogs every day in the sunshine, plus we have done lots of jobs around the garden and I also got to relax and read in the sunshine (tried out some great new books for you all next year). Ben and Ava both had their birthdays during the holiday so we got to enjoy some birthday cake (yummy!) and one of our class had their birthday too. I hope you had a fun day - sorry we can't all sing to you. If anyone did anything you want to share you can send me a message or picture through email and if you want me to share it (let me know) I will put it on our class page.


Hope you are ready to start working hard again! First job, as always Monday morning will start with a spelling test and new spellings. Can you ask someone at home to test you this morning? If so do, with the spelling words from the 30th March I gave you before the Easter Holidays (they are still there if you need to get them again). Also attached are the new words and definitions to learn this week. Don't forget to keep testing yourself all week on the Classroom Secrets KIDS, as most of the words are on their spellings activities.

Next, Maths we are going to do an arithmetic test today, 30 minutes timed and then check your answers, I have put new ones on the Maths folder. Then or maybe before if you want a refresh can you complete lesson 1 from - Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April) - Adding decimals, we have done lots of these in class so you should find the worksheets quite straightforward.

For English we are going to spend the week concentrating on newspaper reports. I am going to set you a different one each day to use as guided reading but also to help you produce a fantastic piece of writing by the end of the week. The guided reading today is from the First News (the newspaper we usually have in class), it is all about the Thursday night clapping for the NHS. There is also a short second part, that I know many of you eco-warriors will be interested in, it is about what is happening to the environment at the moment. Read the text and answer the questions, but use this as a chance to refresh yourself on the features of a newspaper report as well.
The newspaper article I want you to write about needs to tell the reader about something positive that is happening because of the Coronavirus situation. It might be about the clapping on your street or other examples of community spirit you might have seen or heard about. Tomorrows guided reading will be about Captain Tom the 99 year old who has raised £12 million pounds for the NHS or it might be a member of your family who is a real life hero helping people at the moment. Today, all you need to do is start thinking about your ideas, so maybe a bit of online research will be good.  Then complete the plan, use this to scaffold your writing and think about what you need to include. There is a checklist of features for you to look at and also use this link to refresh all you prior learning on newspaper articles.

Next, I want to say a big thank you to the seven of you who have been amazing on Accelerated reader. One person has done seven quizzes since we left school. Wow! Make sure you are reading and quizzing, there are lots of places online currently offering free books and audio-books that can be sent to a tablet or phone. So if you have run out of books at home there are still ways to keep reading.


Those of you that took part in the TT Rockstars Battle of the Bands well done, you were amazing I could see those of you that tried really hard and got absolutely amazing scores - I heard there was some sibling rivalry in some households. I will let you know when our next one is. In the mean time, keep practicing.



Finally, I have a couple of fun things you could give a try. Have a look on the Science folder and see if there is one of the experiments you haven't yet seen (give it a go if you have the equipment at home).

I have also updated most of the folders over the holidays so there are lots of new things to have a look at.

You could try this animation activity, which follows on from the flip book one we did before the holidays.


Don't forget, it would be PE today so try the Joe Wicks, the old ones are still available to try if you have missed any.


If you get bored, you could try my indoor scavenger hunt.


Have fun stay safe and I will speak to you tomorrow.

Mrs Garside