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Monday 22nd June

Good morning all - there are only 4 weeks left as year 6s at Fixby school!


The weather this week looks amazing, so I intend to teach a lot of lessons outside - improving my tan is very important!


I know a lot of your parents said that although they weren't ready at the time to send you back, they thought they may well at some stage. If you make the decision to come back to school, all you need to do is ring the office and let us know that you wish to come the following day.


This weekend flew by for me. Lauren and Seth made me a cake for Fathers' day, and they bought me a wooden board for my pizza oven - it has 'Raven-Hill - Friday Night Pizza Party' engraved in it, which I thought was proper cool. I can't wait to start cooking (and probably failing) my own pizzas.


I hope you have some cool stories to tell when I email/call this week to check up on you all.


Miss you as always!

For maths today we are going to look at area and perimeter.

This builds up to finding it in compound shapes.

There is quite a bit of work on this today!

Week 9 - lesson 1 - watch the video and then do the sheets before checking the answers.

For reading we are going to look at The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. 

This is looking at WW2 from the complete opposite perspective to that of Goodnight Mr Tom. We see the world through the eyes of Bruno - the young child of a German SS General. 

I'm attaching your first task that is all about the first chapter.

Make sure you complete the task fully as it's important for the rest of the week.

Mrs Walker's group A


This week we are going to focus on place value.  Click here to watch a video and then complete the worksheet below.

Mrs Walker's group B


Today we are going to focus on place value.  Don't forget to check your work when you have finished.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read Doorstep Wildlife and answer the questions.

For writing you are going to do something a bit different today. 

Ellipsis is an important skill to understand. When used appropriately it is very effective. Otherwise it can take value away from your writing.

This lesson is about the use of ellipsis in comic writing.


Today we are going to be looking at subordinate clauses.  Follow the instructions on the worksheet below.

This afternoon's focus is history. 

Follow the link below and learn all about a really fascinating place.