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Monday 23rd March


Good Morning Everyone! 


Happy Monday! 


First of all - we miss you! We missed all of you who were not at school on Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday. We will miss you every day of the week we don’t get to see you smiles or hear your laughs. So we’re going to do our VERY BEST to stay in touch. You can’t escape school or learning, we won’t let you. Let’s marshmallow clap to that! 


GROWN UPS: We’re here for you. Email us, facebook us, whatever way you can we’re here to help with your home learning. Keep using the address. 


RECEPTION: Get your grown ups to send us your work, videos, pictures and writing. We still want to see! and we we want to see your faces. 


We're very impressed that some of you still did an adventure Friday this week, song and all! 


Mrs Atkinson has uploaded you an activity for Maths and for Phonics. For phonics try out the ‘Boom Shake the Alphabet’ make your grown ups join in too! It’s fun! 


For Maths you need to log into your classroom secrets account and try the 0-10 and 0-20 activities. Mrs Atkinson sent your log in details home with you. Have a look in your home learning packs. 


Miss Day (that’s me) has tried to keep in touch and I’ve recorded a little video for you introducing your grown ups to our classroom special claps and some sign language. Plus you need to choose a story for us to read to you! Click on the link below!


We’ll keep you up to date with what we’ve been up to.

Miss Day: On Saturday we went for a walk around our local reservoir and baby Nora kept waving to everyone. She loves waving! Sunday is Mother’s Day, so I was treated to tea and toast in bed. Only Holly and Nora ate most of my toast - how rude! Holly and I did some drawing using the YouTube channel Art for Kids hub. Here’s a picture of my rabbit and Holly did a fox. 


Have you had a lovely Mother’s Day? I hope some of you managed to give your mum the cards we made at school. 

Mrs Atkinson: On Saturday I usually take Iris to a music class but as we couldn’t go this week we did it at home so we had lots of fun playing with instruments and singing. In the afternoon we played in the garden and dug for worms. 
On Sunday we had breakfast all together before going for a walk and playing with a ball in the garden. I hope you have had a lovely weekend too. 


We miss you all. Keep Learning!


Miss Day, Mrs Atkinson, Miss Newburn, Miss Smith and the EYFS Team x