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Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning 2S


Task 1: Spelling test. Have a quick final practice first then ask an adult or older sibling to test you. The apostrophes for ownership spellings are saved in the English folder. Let's aim for lots of 10 out of 10s.


Task 2: Have a look at next week's spellings. These comparative adjective spellings are saved in the English folder, too, but you will also find the sheet in your home learning pack.


Break time

Each day Joe Wicks will be doing a PE video for children at home. Exercise is going to be vital if we are stuck inside. I will be doing this with my girls as well.


Start each day with a page from the Flashbacks. They're saved in the Maths Folder.


Last week we learned about drawing tallies and making bar charts. We answered questions about them and learnt that we must look at the scale (the numbers) to see what each block stands for.


Our new learning is about pictograms. They're really easy when each picture stands for one thing so here are some quick questions for you to answer. (Print out the sheet if you can. If not just write the answers down on any paper.)


Now let's look at some trickier ones where the symbol (picture) stands for 2, 5 or 10. You will need to look at the key. This is a Powerpoint presentation. Click and the answers will appear, but promise me that you will think about them first.
Tell your parent the answers that should be filled in on these pictograms. Look carefully at the key. Is each picture worth 2 or 5?
When you need a challenge at school we give you an NTT (Now Try This). Here is today's NTT:
Here's a problem page to finish with:

Break time

You'll be ready for a break again after all of that Maths. Try out an activity from


I'd like you to do one of the pages in your Guided Reading Home Learning pack. They're all saved in the Reading folder with answers.


You can also read some of your Reading book too.


I'm sure you'll be ready for some lunch by now. Remember to eat healthily to keep you fit and strong.



Mrs Kauser will be missing you, too. She would like you to do an R.E. task linked to Easter this afternoon. Last week you talked about the Last Supper and how bread and wine are shared in churches.

Candles are very important to Christians at Easter time. Read through this Powerpoint to find out why and then design or make your own Paschal candle.


Time for a bit of uplifting singing to remind yourself how awesome you are:

We love this song at school. Teach this song to your family as everyone needs to feel great right now.