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Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning!


There are a range of activities that you can have a go at today.


In maths, you can login into your Classroom Secrets Kids account and enter the Year 3 Maths section, to have a go at some times table games, particularly your 8 times tables!

If you click through the pages in Year 3 maths section, there is an activity named 'Year 3 Arithmetic Quiz 1'. This allows you to practise all the skills that we have been looking at throughout the year so far.

You can also have a look at 'White Rose Maths' in the 'Home Learning' section at the fractions resources. There are videos which will talk you through each step, as well as worksheets for you to practise these skills. 


Don't forget to Times Table Rockstars is also there for you to play on! 


For SPaG and writing, you can login into your Classroom Secrets Kids account and enter the Year 3 GPS section, clicking on Year 3 Autumn Revision. This allows you to practise some of the skills and recapping the knowledge that you need to know in Year 3.


There are also some games to play in the English section. You have a choice of Spelling and grammar or punctuation, so take your pick on what you wish to work on. 


I would also like you to still be practising your spellings, so I have attached a document below for you to test yourself on, or even better, ask your sibling or a grown-up to test you!

If you finish those tasks, have a look in the Computing folder and complete the next step towards finishing your toy on Scratch.