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Monday 23rd March

Hello my wonderful class. If you don't want to read what I have to say, scroll down to see your work for the day! 

I've been thinking a lot about you all over the weekend, and I'm really sorry I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to each of you individually. You are an amazing group of young people, and I've had so much fun teaching you this year. Each day I'm going to add either some written things about what me, Lauren and Seth have been getting up to, or an occasional video. 


I spent Sunday at my brother's house where my mum and dad were - Tom did the cooking, as I am useless (this is something i'm hoping to get better at during our time off). I hope all of you managed to have a great Mother's Day, and made sure you treated your mum's or the special women in your life extra specially. 


So here goes with your first day of home learning. 


First up is PE - each day Joe Wicks will be doing a PE video for children at home. Exercise is going to be vital if we are stuck inside. Rest assured, I will be doing this as well.



You must watch the video for lesson 5, Using Scale Factors. You must then Complete the worksheet for this. If you can print it, that would be great. If not, please just number the questions in your exercise books. Only when you've completed this, you should check the answers. Any you have got wrong, you should re-do, making sure you have shown proper working out. 

Your 2nd maths activity is on Classroom Secrets Kids. Sign in to your account, then go to maths. On page 3, there is a Ratio and Fractions option. There are 3 questions and a game. I'd like you to complete this. 


Reading: I'd like you to make sure that you choose one of your books that you chose from the Learning Hub.  I'd like you to sit somewhere cozy, get comfortable, and spend at least an hour reading. We will be aiming to have finished a book by the end of the week, so we can complete an Accelerated Reader Test. 


Grammer: Go to Classroom Secrets Kids. Click on Year 6, GPS. I'd like you to complete the tasks titled 'Formal and Informal Vocabulary and Styles' and 'Recognising Formal and Informal Writing'. 

Then click on the Year 6 Spelling tab and do the Spelling word search 1.


Enjoy a healthy lunch.



Chose 1 of the topic activities and begin researching and planning it. These activities are in your pack sent home, they are also in the topic folder on the last page - I'd suggest an hour and a half would be an acceptable time to work. 


I think the world of you all and am already missing you!


Mr R-H