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Monday 27th April 2020

Good Morning Class 1/2A and Parents.  smiley


I hope you are well and had a lovely weekend break. I hope you all managed to enjoy the sunshine and spend some time in the garden. My weekend was quiet as I am fasting. I have to wake up early in the morning about 3am to have my breakfast, then I recite my prayers and go back to bed at 4.30pm. On a weekday I have to wake up for and get ready to start my school day but on a weekend I will and have a lie in and a good rest. Throughout the day I will not eat nor drink anything until about 8.30pm when it will be time to open my fast. I will open my fast with some dates and water. Then recite my prayers and finally sit down to enjoy my evening meal. Has your family been fasting and how are they getting on?


I hope you have had chance to look on our class website there is new folder called: Picture and videos of YOU and your work.  Please have a look as I have been saving pictures of your work and activities that you have emailed me.


Who has remembered to complete their homework? I am really looking forward to receiving some of your pictures. I will save them in the folder for you to look at .


Today’s activities:

This is the link if you would like to start your day with Joe Wicks PE:


Spelling Test: 

Have one more practice before you do your spelling test.



Phonics: This week’s spelling are saved in the spelling folder.



Mrs Green's Group Spelling:



Play find the phonics sound game



Mrs Ahmad’s group focus on words ending with ing suffixes.

Play a suffix board game with an adult.


Mrs Green’s Group:

Practice segmenting and blending words to read using phoneme jigsaw.

Click on the website link and play game 4 and 5.



Break Time:

Let’s do a mindfulness activity to relax our minds and bodies.




Remember to log into your splash learning account:

Mental and Oral starter: Adding two digit and one digit number



Click on summer 1 week 2 beginning 27.04.20 and complete flashback lesson find a half.


Then complete the activity by clicking on the lesson resoruces.



Break Time:

I thinks time for us to get moving with super movers.




Here’s my description after 2 days.


The Moon is a natural satellite that was created 4.5 billion years ago. It orbits the Earth and also rotates every 27 days. The moon is grey and white. You are not able to hear any sound on the moon because there is no air. Also, if you dropped two objects, like a heavy hammer and a light feather, they would land at the same time. As there is no air, there is no   resistance. Everything and everybody would feel lighter on the Moon than they do on Earth. A person who weighs 60kg on Earth would only weigh 10 kilograms on the Moon because the Earth is 6 times bigger than the Moon.


Edit your description again. Check for capital letters and full stops and make sure that every sentence makes sense. Also check your spelling – you can use Google. Do your facts link together well?


Here’s a little Science Investigation for you to do:

Choose a heavy item from your home (but make sure that it isn’t breakable) and get a piece of paper.


Ask somebody who is really tall to drop both items at the same time from as high up as they possibly can.


What happens?


Your next video clip to watch is of the Apollo Moon landing in 1969:


There are some more questions to answer so that you learn more facts to help you write more about the Moon.



I'm sure you are ready for some lunch now!




How are you doing with your reading books? Which has been your favourite book so far? I'd like you put the books you have read in order starting with your favourite and explain your reasons.


Who has joined Reading Eggs? I've heard about real success stories with this.

Remember all the details to join the website are in the Reading Folder.



In RE this half term we are going to be thinking about what makes our world special.

Ask your child, ‘What makes our world great for you?’ Discuss with an adult.

Show the children the images from around the world by clicking on the slides:

What is amazing about these photos? If you could take a photo of anything what would it be? Why?


Activity 1

Use worksheet 1A and Picture Cards A.

The children will pick two photos and write a sentence about each one, stating what makes it amazing.

Activity 2

Use worksheet 1B and Picture Cards B.

The children will pick two photos and write a sentence about each one, stating what makes it amazing.

Extension Activity:

The children will create a poster of some of the things they think are amazing in the world. It could be used to highlight amazing things that people could try to spot.

To support the children you could provide a variety of magazines, e.g. travel or nature themed. These could either be used for inspiration or they could be cut out and collaged onto the posters.  Encourage the children to write appropriate captions conveying why each thing has been included.


I am also going to be adding some singing activities for you to do. am sure you will enjoy doing these as we haven't been able to do any singing. All you need to do is log on:


Then click on week 2 Clap Hands! Stamp Your Feet! There is also a song activity.

You can choose a different one for each day of the week.



Story Time:

You can click and choose a story that you would like to listen to.



I hope you all have a wonderful day and see you all tomorrow.


Bye for now and missing you lots!!!


Mrs Ahmad XX