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Monday 27th April 2020

Good Morning 2S! 


How are you all? I hope you have had a lovely weekend. The sun has been lovely hasn’t it? I have been out walking with my family and we had a barbecue in the garden, too. What have you been up to? I wonder if anyone has had a paddling pool out?


I would like to repeat my special message to all our families and children who are celebrating the month of Ramadan. I hope you all have a happy, peaceful, safe and blessed month. Ramadan Mubarak to you all!


I start each day with Joe Wicks and like to imagine that we're all doing it together. Here is the link:


Here are your activities to complete today:



It's your last chance to practice your spellings before you do your test. Remember that they're all 'ph' words; one has ph in twice! Make sure that those p's are formed correctly and that they hang down below the line.


Please complete your spelling test. Use the spelling sheet that is labelled 'Monday 20th April 2020' in the ‘English’ folder. Maybe an older sibling could test you?


Once you have done this, this week's spellings are also saved in the folder. What do you notice about them? 

Can you sort them into 2 lists?



Day 6:

Here’s my description after 2 days.

The Moon is a natural satellite that is 4.5 billion years old. It orbits the Earth and also rotates every 27 days. It is grey and white in colour. If you were on the Moon, you would not be able to hear any sound because there is no air. Also, if you dropped two objects, like a heavy hammer and a light feather, they would land at the same time. As there is no air, there is no resistance. Everything and everybody would feel lighter on the Moon than they do on Earth. A person who weighs 60kg on Earth would only weigh 10 kilograms on the Moon because the Earth is 6 times bigger than the Moon.


Edit your description again. Check for CL and FS and make sure that every sentence makes sense. Also check your spelling – you can use Google. Do your facts link together well?


Here’s a little Science Investigation for you to do:

Choose a heavy item from your home (but make sure that it isn’t breakable) and get a piece of paper.


Ask somebody who is really tall to drop both items at the same time from as high up as they possibly can.


What happens?



Your next video clip to watch is of the Apollo Moon landing in 1969:


There are some more questions to answer so that you learn more facts to help you write more about the Moon.



Remember that you're adding more information to your Moon description; you;re not starting again.


As always, get your brain into 'Maths Mode' by doing a Flashbacks page. They're saved in the folder and you should be on Week 4 Day 1. Press Play to start the Powerpoint and click when you're ready to check the answers.


How are you doing with telling the time? You should be feeling pretty confident with o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to on both the analogue clock and with digital time, too.


Before we move on, we'll spend some time on fractions linked to time and I'd also like you to practise your times tables and do a Mental Arithmetic Test today.



Here's the task for you to do yourself and the second page is more challenging Fraction tasks:

Now please practise your Times Tables. They're all saved in the Maths Folder. How are you doing with them? Remember, you're aiming to be able to complete a strip in about 1 minute.



Here's the Mental Arithmetic test that I'd like you to do, too:

Let's finish with your Problem of the Day:


How are you doing with your reading books? Which has been your favourite book so far? I'd like you put the books you have read in order starting with your favourite and explain your reasons.


Who has tried Oxford Owl? I've heard how some of you are enjoying choosing books to match your interests.


Who has joined Reading Eggs? I've heard about real success stories with this.



In RE this half term we are going to be thinking about what makes our world special.

Ask your child, ‘What makes our world great for you?’ Have a look at and discuss the images from around the world on these slides:

What did you think was amazing about these photos?

If you could take a photo of anything what would it be? Why?

If you have a printer, here's a lovely task:

If you don't have a printer, I'd like you to make a poster about our wonderful world.

Even if you've done the task you can do this, too.


I hope you enjoyed the songs from last week. Which was your favourite? Can you remember which I liked best?

Try out Week TWO today. There is actually a song for each day of the week:


There are activities linked to each song, too.

Have a lovely day! I'll be thinking about you.


Mrs Stansfield xxx