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Monday 29th June

Good morning everybody and welcome to your 3rd last week of life at Fixby Junior School!

I'm sure that feels strange to read!


This week you are going to receive your reports. I'm going to be bringing them out to you on an afternoon - if you've replied to the email saying when you would like, thanks very much. If not, please do this TODAY. If not it will be a case of me coming and posting them.

I'm excited for this as it means I should get to speak to you all for the first time in a long time.


Have a wonderful week of home learning.


As always, please know that your teacher cares about you just as much  as he did 12 weeks ago when we were all together still.


For Maths today you are going to start work on Ratio.

We touched on this when we were all still at school, but it is a concept that people tend to find more difficult, so it won't harm us to do it again.

This is all about the ratio symbol. Week 10, lesson 1.

Watch the video and then do the sheet. 

For reading I'd like you to read chapter 10 again, and answer these questions. Your focus task should really help you with this!



Your writing challenge is a full week one. We have done this before. It is the 500 word challenge. It is all about being creative so please take it in any way you wish. 

This document will really help you out.


Mrs Walker's group A


This week we are going to focus on addition and subtraction.  Today you are going to add and subtract using a number line.

Mrs Walker's group B


This week we are going to focus on negative numbers.  A negative number is a real number that is less than zero (e.g. -1,-2,-3).  Today you will be using a number line to count backwards through zero.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Guided reading

In guided reading this week we are going to learn about religious festivals.  I would like you to read the information about Shavuot and answer the questions.


Click here to watch a video that shows you how to use a dictionary, then complete the worksheets.  Don't worry if you haven't got a dictionary at home, you can use an online dictionary.

This afternoon your focus is on French.


Most of you will be studying this at high school, so it's important that you work on this lesson.

Watch the videos and complete the activities.