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Monday 30th March 2020

Hello again 2S,

It seems like ages since I've seen you. sad I hope you've managed to have a good weekend. Did you play some good games with your family and have some tasty food? At my house, we have played lots of card games which reminds us of being on holiday with Georgia and Lilia's grandparents in Spain. We have also been doing Wii Sports - I like the tennis best and I'm starting to get better at baseball. My favourite meal this weekend was chicken fajitas - they were delicious.cheeky


I woke up early on Saturday morning and realised that I had forgotten all about Times Tables Awards last week. They are all saved in the Maths folder and if you use your Classroom Secrets Login, there are lots of times tables games to play as well.


Now for today's tasks:


Have a final practice of your spellings before you ask a parent or older sibling to test you.

Before you look at this week's spellings, work through this Powerpoint: 

So, last week's spellings were all comparative adjectives, used to compare two objects or people.

Superlative objects compare three or more objects, saying which is the most extreme.


Your new spellings are saved in the English file, though you also have the sheet in your home learning pack. 


Start with a Flashback page from the Maths folder. You should be on Week 2 Day 1. Remember to think about the answers before you click!

Last month we looked at 2D shapes.

Here's a Powerpoint. Click on the question marks (on slide 1) to reveal the answers and the pictures (on slides 2 and 3) and watch them move into the correct section of the charts.

Here's an NTT (Now Try This) to think about if you need an extra challenge which will make you think about what you have learnt.

Here are today's problems to end with:



This week we are going to be writing a diary entry about what we have done this week.


First, we need to look at why diaries are written and the features of diary entries.


Diaries are used to record the events of the day with the feelings, thoughts and opinions (what we think about what has happened) that go with the events.


My Grandad wrote a diary entry every night when he was a prisoner of war during World War 2 to record what he had done that day and how he was feeling.  He always wrote about how much he was missing my Grandma, too.


A very famous diary was written by a little girl called Anne Frank who was hiding in an attic and couldn’t go outside. She was really good at sharing her feelings.


You can use this sheet or just make your own mind map:

This will help:



Please do another page from your Home Learning Pack. Have you done the 'Number the events' page yet? That would be a good one to do. Remember to underline or highlight each part of the text that is in the question, then number them from top to bottom. This will help you get the numbers in the right boxes.


(They're all saved in the Reading folder - with answers.) 



After the virtual tour of Chester Zoo on Friday, they released a set of amazing photographs:

The Word document below has large versions of each image. 

I would like you recreate your favourite one. This could be a drawing or painting or even a collage if you're feeling extra creative. My favourite would definitely be the baby giraffe; it's just so cute!