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Monday 30th March 2020

Happy Monday 3N! Welcome to a fresh week!


Miss North: I hope that you had a lovely weekend. It was a lot colder than the rest of the week so I stayed inside for pretty much the whole weekend, but I still enjoyed it.

On Saturday, my dad and I got up nice and early as we were redecorating my room. As I mentioned last week, we spent a lot of time building furniture. This took A LOT of measuring, counting and organising but was great fun! I have to admit though, my body ached a lot afterwards.

On Sunday, I had a lovely lie in and then did some online learning in the morning. I spent the whole day in my comfy clothes and spent the afternoon watching films with my mum and Daniel. It seemed strange that I was getting prepared to go back to school today! I am missing you all a lot!


Mrs Buttery: I am writing this on Sunday afternoon, George is napping and every so often he let's out a little snore. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. What did you do to relax? Don't forget to share what you did with Mrs Allen over on the Facebook page. 


Okay, on to the learning for today…

If you work with Miss Johnson, please use the work from the folders below:

School Writing Task

Across school, we would like everyone to write their own blog/diary about your experiences of home learning.

The situation we are going through now will be the history of the future and your blogs could be evidence that school children in the future study, as they research this time in history. Never before have schools closed and pupils had to learn from home!


We want you to write every day this week, about your day at home. What time did you get up How does it feel not to be going to school How are you doing your learning at home? Do you miss your friends? Are you enjoying this experience?


               Types of things you could include in your blog:

  • Stories – share funny or interesting stories from your day.
  • Top tips – How to survive home learning.
  • Opinions – about what is happening and how you feel about it.
  • Picture posts – draw or use a photograph to show what is happening.
  • Reviews – discuss your thoughts on your home learning: what is good and what is not so good?

You could include a ‘how to’ post to show others how to do something that you have enjoyed.


I have attached a template that you could print and use or you can create your own. I can’t wait to find out what these will look like! I will be joining in and making my own 'blog', so I will upload that for you to see tomorrow.


If you work with Mrs Buttery for phonics, you could make a comic strip. Show us what you've been doing since we last saw you. Don't worry if you can't print it, drawing a roughly similar sheet will be fine. When you've drawn the pictures, can you add a caption?


I have just seen this on 5G’s page and thought we could do the same as they look like so much fun! I challenge you all to make a toilet roll animal. Then we will have created a class toilet roll zoo. I am going to make one myself and I'll put a picture on here tomorrow. Here is a picture for inspiration:


Like always; Stay safe, keep smiling and I’ll see you soon!


Miss North and Mrs Buttery smiley