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Monday 30th March

Hi 3/4M


I hope you have had a good weekend and have enjoyed relaxing with your loved ones. I have had a lovely time. We have watched movies, played games, eaten too much chocolate and even managed to do some housework and clean the boys bedrooms!!!!


I am particularly enjoying the extra hour of daylight that we have today. I am sat in my kitchen now and it is still light at 7.30pm!! I love it when the evenings are lighter and I can enjoy more daylight hours. 


I am really missing you guys and last week I was speaking to the other teachers about ways that we may be able to communicate with you all. I miss your stories and seeing you each day and it would be great to hear from you even if it is just on line for now. 


Todays work:


Maths: As usual, I want you to visit White Rose maths and watch the video and then complete the work. Answers are provided for you to mark afterwards. 

Year 3 - Week 2 - Lesson 1 -  Fractions on a number line

Year 4 - Week 2 - Lesson 1 - Divide 2 digits by 10

As per last week if you want to have a go at both year groups work then please feel free. 


Reading: You should now have completed at least one of the AR tests. You also need to be using the reading grid in your work pack to complete tasks about your AR books or any of your own texts. 

In addition to this, I would like you to complete the following on Classroom secrets:

Year 3 - Non Narrative Reading Comprehension - The Big Race

Year 4 - Fiction reading Comprehension - Asked my Dad Again 



As we know, we are currently experiencing very strange times and this will become the history of the future. Therefore, I would like you to create a record of these time which could be used as evidence by children in years to come. Please see the attached documents which explain what I would like you to produce. 


Eat a healthy lunch and spend some time relaxing. 


This afternoon I would like you to look at out topic grid and choose another activity to complete. Choose something different to last week that challenges you. 


In addition to this, I would like you to think about creating your own time capsule which will will show children of the future what life was really like in 2020 whilst the COVID 19 virus was happening. In writing, you have begun to write a blog. Think about what else you could include in your time capsule. Photos, newspaper clippings, handprints of your family members, description of how you are feeling right now, a description of a typical day right now. I am sure you will also come up with many other ideas to include in your time capsule. 


I look forward to speaking to you all tomorrow. 


Love Mrs Martin.