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Monday 30th March

Good Morning Everyone! 


Here's to week 2 of learning at home... let's do this!


What have we been up to? 

Miss Day: We actually slowed this down a lot this weekend. Last week was a lot of change and a lot to get used to. So this weekend we took Mrs Allen's advice and spent time together as a family. We played a lot of games and although we still went out for some daily exercise we spent time building lego. We also taught baby Nora to 'cheers'. In our house when we start dinner we always 'ding' our glasses and now Nora can do it too! She can't say 'ding' yet but it made me so happy. 


GROWN UPS: We're going to try and not set too much this week. We know it can be possible to overload you! We've all got a lot of change going on right now and we don't want you to feel you 'have' to do everything. Stay happy! 


RECEPTION: We are still missing you so much! Seriously, we'd rather be with you all back at school. You are thought about every day! 


Have a go at your daily work in the Maths and Phonics folders. 


We miss you all. Keep Learning!


Miss Day, Mrs Atkinson, Miss Newburn, Miss Smith and the EYFS Team x