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Monday 30th March

Hello all!


Last week we talked about 3d shape... can you remember what shape a dice was? 


Today we're going to play a game with dice! Remember if you don't have a real dice your grown ups can download one on their phone. 


You will need: 


Piece of paper
Bottle Tops, buttons, coins or pasta pieces, or anything you can put on a square.


Step 1: Draw a grid on your piece of paper.



Step 2: Add dots to your grid from 1-6. TIP: grown up's you do not have to do 'typical' dice dot shapes. See below. 



Now you are ready to play. Roll the dice and see what number you get. Put a lid or object on the matching number of dots.


See video below: 

Subitizing Dice Game! AGES 3+

This game is great for practicing counting, one to one correspondence and subitizing.