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Monday 30th March

Welcome back 5G


Hope you have had a fun weekend. Mrs Allen challenged you all on Facebook to do something new with your family at home and put pictures on the Facebook page so we can see all the fun you are having (it's nice for us to see you all as we are missing you so much).  Also, a huge thank-you and wow for those of you who joined in with the Battle of the Bands on Friday, it was amazing. I'm a bit worried about this weeks Teachers vs Children as you all did so well this week - I have spent some time practicing this weekend.


Okay, so back to work. As always Monday morning will start with a spelling test and new spellings. Can you ask someone at home to test you this morning? If so do, with the spelling words I gave you before we broke up (I've attached them below if you have lost them). Also attached are the new words and definitions to learn this week. You can keep testing yourself all week on the Classroom Secrets KIDS, as most of the words are on their spellings activities.

Next, we would normal have an arithmetic test on a Monday morning. Therefore, I have uploaded a new test into the Maths folder. You know who takes the Year 5 test and who takes the Year 6 test, time yourselves and allow approximately 30 minutes - the answers are on the final page so you can check your scores. Also, just to keep those mathematical minds turning, I am attaching six reasoning questions to challenge you.
Our next lesson will be Guided Reading. I know you are going to love this one. I have attached an extract of 'The Diary of a Wimpy Kid', the questions are based on the extract attached only and there is an answer sheet so you can check your answers.

Using 'The Diary of a Wimpy Kid' as inspiration, this whole weeks writing task is to write a diary of Home Learning and all the other stuff that is going on at home. Can you make it as funny as Jeff Kinney? Why not try some of his funny little illustrations to decorate the work? I can't wait to read them when we get back to school.


Next, we would normally do PE in the afternoons. I hope you are all still trying the 9am PE lesson with Joe Wicks, if not youtube it and watch them back. I am getting pretty good at the Spiderman moves (I can imagine you all rolling your eyes at me now). I am also attaching a little bit of a fun activity to get you active this afternoon. Have a go! I am currently starting by flapping my arms like a bird 25 times.

Finally, why not try this? I challenge you all to make a toilet roll animal. Then we will have created a 5G toilet roll zoo. I am going to make one myself and I'll put a picture on here tomorrow. Here is a picture for inspiration. However, google it there are hundreds on-line.


Take care and do something helpful for your grown ups.


Mrs Garside