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Monday 4th May


If you're feeling a bit like this cat this morning then don't worry! Every day is a day closer to getting back together with our friends at school. 


Smile! We think you're great! 


Happy Monday! 



A new week of learning! After two weeks of patterns in Maths we're moving on to addition and subtraction! Lot's of addition games this week :) Are you still working your way through the 'topic' grid on the topic page? 
Apologies for no technology Thursday last week - Mrs Buttery wasn't feeling well! 


What have we been up to?

Miss Day: We decided to have a real relaxed weekend. We spent some time in the garden and did a few smaller walks. 

I wrote another two letters to family. One to my grandma and one to a really old friend. It is nice writing things down. 

I want to tell you a story, today, I took Nora and Holly to feed the ducks this morning. I gave each of the girls a piece of bread. Holly balance hers on top of a bottle of bird seed. Nora saw the bread and slooooooowly lowered herself down until she picked up the bread in her mouth and - gobbled it! We both howled with laughter! She's so funny - and greedy! I've popped a picture in so you can see. 


Mrs Atkinson: