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Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning and welcome to another week,


I'll be emailing your parents again today to check in with you. Some of your parents have been sending me lots of emails, including photos and videos, which I love to receive.

I'm sending a booklet on Safety in the home and also some ideas for games to play which we've been asked to share with you by Danny Herman from Pennine Sports. He thinks lots of parents will recognise some of the games from when they were young and might like to try them again with you!


Please reply to my email so that I know you're okay and let me know if there's anything that I can help you with.


Today's work is below.


Have you started with Jo Wicks this morning? I do it every day and I like to imagine you all doing it, too. He was really struggling with his poorly hand on Friday, wasn't he, so I hope he's okay today.



It's your last chance to practice your spellings and then a parent or an older sibling can test you.

How many words can you think of which have the un- prefix?

I wonder if you'll get all of the spellings I've chosen for you to learn this week - you'll find out tomorrow.

Here's a few from the video link to start you off:










On Friday, we looked at Postcards. Blogs are a lot more detailed than postcards and they can be shared with lots of people at once.

Open up this PowerPoint again and click 'Play'. Today you'll need to focus on slides 7-9.

On slide 8, if you click on STOMP and then Beaver Fun Day these will take you to blogs that children have written. Enjoy reading and discussing their blogs together.


Have you read through the fantastic blogs. What made them interesting to read?

Tomorrow, you will be writing a blog, imagining that you have been to the Moon. You will be able to include everything that you have learnt about the Moon in your blog.


Here are two games to keep your Fractions knowledge tip top before we do more work on length:

You now need to access today's video about ordering lengths.

They're getting trickier to find, but you need to scroll down to Summer week 2 and then find Lesson 2. It looks like this:

Start the video, but you'll need to use the pause button or he'll give you the answers too quickly!

I'm sure you'll like the questions about rockets; the ones I've seen that you have made are amazing!

Here are your tasks linked to the video, but you'll have to choose objects from home instead of the classroom! Remember, if you can't print out, just look at the questions on your screen and write the answers on paper.

If you click next to the video, you can get the answers too.

Here are today's Problems of the Day:


Your first task today is a short reading comprehension about Spring. I think we've been so lucky with the weather during our spring lock down, don't you?

You will see pictures of dogs next the questions. Can you remember their names? They help us recognise which reading skill we're using.

There's Rex Retriever, Sequencing Suki, Vocabulary Victor and Inference Iggy.

When you're reading, taking notice of the punctuation is so important. You'll all remember me reading pieces of work that didn't have full stops and capital letters and pretending to die! I hope you're using the punctuation when you're reading your reading books and taking breaths at the right time.

Try reading this text, and you'll see how tricky it is:


Spring is one of the four seasons it is the season that comes after winter spring starts in March and ends in June spring is the season when we change our clocks and put them forward one hour we often have a mixture of sunny and rainy days


Please write it out with the capital letters and full stops for each sentence.


Read it again and you'll see how important the punctuation is for reading.

Here is the text with the capital letters and full stops in.


In today’s lesson we are going to explore the Jewish, Christian and Islamic creation stories.


Lots of religions tell stories to explain how the world was created. The Jews, Christians and Muslims all have very similar creation stories.


Read through the slides on the pdf document below and then there are two tasks. You can choose to do the story board task (which has missing text and pictures) or to make your own creation wheel.




It is through Music that you will be introduced to the special work that you will be doing this week linked to V.E. Day which will be celebrated on Friday with a bank holiday.

Victory in Europe Day celebrates the end of World War 2 which ended on the 8th May 1945 - 75 years ago.


Here are three songs which were sung during the war to keep the troops' spirits up. I think they'll help us, too. Try and sing along. Your parents and grandparents will recognise them, I'm sure.


Have a great day and you'll find out more about V.E. Day tomorrow.


Lots of love

Mrs S xxx