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Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning 4A, 


I hope you all have had a really good weekend. I am writing this on Sunday and it is my 10th fast today. This means that we are a third of the way through Ramadan. Time is flying by. I have to say, I am feeling very lucky to be spending this time at home with my family during Ramadan. 


I have been busy baking! I made a tres leches cake, also known as milk cake (see the photo below). I am hoping to make some chocolate cupcakes for my sister to take to work as she is an NHS nurse! However, we are running out of flour and I can't seem to find any. It's crazy to think at first, it was hard to find toilet roll and handwash, now it's hard to find vanilla extract and flour! Everyone must be baking! As I write this, I have around an hour to go before I open my fast and I am craving pizza. Due to the lack of the flour, I'll be using ready made pizza dough! Fingers crossed it comes out well! 


I would love to hear what you have been up to and how you're spending your Ramadan, if you are celebrating it. You can email me at any time. 



lots of love, 


Miss Anwar x


Start your day off by doing some sort of PE - it can be following a Joe Wickes workout or you can do something else - skipping, running, riding your bike, hopscotch, football, anything! 



White Rose Maths have changed the way that they are providing their home learning material. We had started our Money topic but White Rose Maths encourage home learning to focus on revisiting things we have learnt earlier on in the year.


Today's lesson will be -  Lesson 1. Multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers

  • Watch the video tutorial
  • Complete the worksheet
  • Self mark your answers. 


This week, we will be practicing our use of apostrophes as they are one of the Year 4 objectives. 


Have a go at this activity:



Keep learning your spellings that I gave you last week as the test is on Wednesday. 



I have attached a Year 4 reading assessment booklet for you do to. We will focus on one text per day. Read the text then answer the questions. I have attached the answers but mark your answers when you have completed all of the questions in the assessment booklet. The first text will be "A Real Virtual World". Read the text thoroughly before answering the questions. 


Friday 8th May is a special day as it is VE Day, which was a celebration day held to commemorate the end of World War Two. 

Choose an activity from this grid below, which is designed to help you learn more about this special day. I might try a wartime recipe as we're running out of flour!