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Monday 4th May

Morning all the strange and normal members of 6R-H (you know which category you fit into). May the 4th be with you!


I've woken up in a surprisingly good mood considering Seth woke up at 5 to 5. Over the last few days I've started running again, and it makes me feel so much happier when I've done it - exercise is scientifically proven to improve your mood and self-esteem. Since lockdown began, I hadn't done a run, but Lauren went out for pretty much her first run ever, and that gave me the inspiration to get going myself. 

Today I'm planning on running from mine, down into Birkby, then up the valley back around to mine. It's about 4 and a half miles, with a huge uphill at the end, so I'm going to be very tired! 

Over this weekend I did 2 quizzes with my friends and one with my cricket club. I did poorly on them all - which you'd have all enjoyed. This time is important - talking to other people and human interaction is another way of improving your mental health. 


I will be emailing around again to see how you all are. Please make sure you reply as it is vital I know you are all keeping well. I love it when you children write the emails yourselves as it makes it feel more like I get to see you (I'm weird - I already know). 


Have a super day/week

For maths today I'd like you to focus on the white rose home learning. It's based on fractions and going over some work we've done previously in the year. Fractions play such a big part of life in year 6, so it's vital you are really secure with these.

Watch the video, do the sheets, then mark your answers. 

This Friday is a very important day and this week we are going to concentrate our learning on WW2 and VE day. So our Guided Reading each day will be a different information text linked to WW2, we are starting with the Battle of Dunkirk. the answers are on the final page.

English today is a mix of reading and writing and it's one I absolutely love! You are going to have to analyse different settings (from videos), then eventually create your own. I love description - it gives you the chance to really explore imagery. I think you'll have a lot of fun with this task. There are 2 videos and 3 activities.
Finally, I am attaching an activity choosing grid. All the activities relate to VE day, there are art, research, code breaking and even baking activities so something for everyone. I am going to ask you to do a different activity each day this week, but if you want to do more than one feel free. Anything you want to share, send me a picture or video on email and I will make sure it goes on this page or the Facebook page. I can't wait to see what you create.

Enjoy your day and send me lots of work in and any nice things you've been doing.


Mr R-H