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Monday 5th October

As Monday is Handwriting Monday in class, I have attached a handwriting sheet for you to work on. These words are a selection from the top 200 High Frequency words. So it is a good opportunity to practise spelling as well as handwriting.


Take your time and make sure you copy each spelling correctly. 

As we are focusing on revising phonics in class I thought it would be good for you to continue with this at home. I have added spelling activities for Phases 2, 3, 4 and 5. I will tell your grown up which phase you need to work on when I email them. However, if you want to try them all then it is all good practise. 

CVC words Phase 2

Below I have added a sheet with a picture for you to write about. You are going to create your own mini story about the characters in the picture. If you want to use additional sheets to extend your story further please do.


Don't forget you capital letters and full stops!! 


Read your sentences aloud to make sure they make sense. 


I would love to see your work so if your grown up is able to photograph it and email it to me that would be great. 

Pirate Writing Sheet