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Monday 6th July

Good morning everyone - I hope you've all had a great weekend. 


We spent our weekend up at Seahouses in Northumberland. 

It is one of my favourite places on Earth - there are not many people, lots of open spaces, and some amazing beaches for walks. 

Although the weather was rubbish, we made the most of it, and Seth absolutely loved walking along the beach, playing silly games and causing chaos. 


We also ordered pizzas from a local place that do wood-fired ones. When I went to pick them up, they were using the same oven as the one that I have just  acquired at home. This made me really excited as they were so good! I can't wait to have a crack with mine this summer. 


I hope you all did some nice things, in spite of the horrible weather.  

For maths we are going to start working on some calculation skills so that you're prepared for September.


watch the video and then complete the sheets.

For reading I'd like you to re-read the final chapter, and answer the questions based on the last 3 pages of the story.


Your final English task for today is also a reading one. 


It focuses on working out the meaning of unknown words - a really important skill that we can all find difficult.


Watch the videos and complete the activities. 

Mrs Walker's group A


This week we will focus on problem solving.  Today you need to use the bar models to help you answer the word problems.

Mrs Walker's group B


This week we will focus on multiplication and division.  Today you will multiply a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.  Before you start on the worksheets, got through each section of this website.


Mrs Walker's A and B groups


This week's reading tasks are all about inspirational people.  Read the information about Nelson Mandela and answer the questions.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Have a look at the worksheet below and decide if the sentences are statements, commands, questions or exclamations.  Watch this video before you start.

Your afternoon task today focuses around music.