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Monday 8th June 2020

Good morning,


I hope you’ve all had a great weekend! I am back in school working with other staff to get our school organised and tidy. 4A I am missing you all lots and it’s just not the same being at school without you all! I hope you are all okay! 

Speak to you soon,

Miss A x

Happy Monday Year 4


I hope you had a great weekend despite the rain. Even though it was raining I spent some time helping Mr Martin in the garden, putting up some solar lights and making our seating area look nice. I am super excited for some sunshine now so we can go out and enjoy all of our hard work. We received Jacob's school report on Friday and it was fantastic so he was allowed to choose a treat. We ordered a tie dye kit and he is looking forward to dying a T Shirt later today. 


Please keep emailing me with your news. I love to see what you are doing and see pictures of your work. I worked hard in school last week making our classroom look good and helping to organise and clean the whole school so that it will be safe but also super organised when you all return. I hope you will be impressed when you see it. 


Have a great day and I will speak to you tomorrow. 


Love Mrs Martin


Today's lesson will be based on 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s. 

Here is the video tutorial:


Here are the worksheets and answers:


Here is the reading comprehension for today (the answers are at the back):




Today's activity is based on direct speech punctuation. This will help you with the writing task we have planned for this week. There are no answers for this worksheet however, here is a guide to help you



Here is a science grid with a range of activities for you to choose from. You can choose one or more if you would like to. I have attached a link below to the document if the writing is too small for you to view online.