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Monday 8th June

Morning all, happy Monday!


I hope you all had a great weekend and are raring to go with another week of home learning. 


I thought I'd share a story with you that really made me and one of the parents in our class laugh! On Friday I sent emails around to all of you who aren't in school, and in clicking on one address, I accidentally clicked to Facetime! I only noticed this after it had rung a few times, so quickly shut it off and prayed that the person wouldn't know! Later in the day, I received a phone call, and having forgotten all about the incident, was surprised to hear somebody ask me who I was and why I had tried to Facetime them at 6:30 in the morning (Seth had woken up so I got on with some jobs!). 

It was lovely to hear from them though and we had a good laugh and joke about it.


This weekend we took Seth to the reservoir and had a socially distanced walk with my mum and dad. His soul seemed to just fill with happiness to spend time with his grandparents and messing around with my my mum just completely made his weekend.


Have a great day all of you - I miss you as always. 

For Maths this week I'd like you to focus on algebra - we did some of this in school, but it is something that you will face a lot in high school so we need to make sure that we have a good understanding.

Use the white rose home learning page - watch the videos and complete the sheets.


Mrs Walker's group A

Today you will be doing some multiplication and division.  If the question asks you to multiply, you need to count how many you have altogether (in all of the groups).  If you have to divide, then you need to share so that each group has an equal amount.

Mrs Walker's B group

Today you will be learning about factors.  Click on the file below to get your work.

For reading I'd like you to use your knowledge of chapter 5 and the difference in speech between Willie and Mr Peters, to answer these language based questions. Question 2 is very similar to the task you did on Friday. 

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read the extract from Howard Carter's diary and then answer the questions.  You can check your work when you have finished.

For Writing I would like you to focus on the use of apostrophes - something that drives me mad in class! 

Watch the video and do the different activities!


Today you are going to create an instruction manual on how to build a pyramid.  Before you start, click here to watch a video.  You might want to write some notes while you watch.  Pay attention to the equipment and material you need and what happens at each stage,  Use the template on the file below.

Science Experiment - Forces (air resistance)


Finally, I have a PE video. This will definitely get you active and it's a bit different to the videos we have used up to now. The first block is dance, the second block is martial arts there are several blocks and each one is about 3 minutes long.