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The School Day

Fixby J&I School provides education to pupils for 32.5 hours per week.

Classroom doors open at 8.40am and close at 8.50am for registers to be taken and learning to start promptly at 9am. Pupils should register for a late mark at the school office via the main reception if they arrive after 8.50am. 

School ends at 3.20pm. You should wait in the playground outside your child's classroom door to collect them. Gates are opened at 3.10pm for you to arrive in plenty of time. 

Parking in the car park is strictly for staff, taxis, deliveries and parents/carers with blue disabled badges. Anyone requiring permission to use the car park must have authorisation from the Headteacher first. You will be required to record your vehicle's registration number with the school office.

If you need to drive to school, please remember parking on the yellow zig zag lines is not permitted. It reduces visibility for those attempting to cross the road and may result in a penalty notice being issued by Kirklees Civil Enforcement.

We ask those driving on the school run to also park considerately for our neighbours to access/exit their drives safely and pedestrians to be able to walk with pushcairs along the public path.

Lunch times are as follows:

  • EYFS - 11.45-12.45
  • KS1 - 12.00-13.00                                                
  • KS2 - 12.15-13.00  

Please notify school in writing of any changes in pick-up routines. For example, if there is a different adult collecting your child, or you need to collect your child before the end of the normal school day.

We ask parents to make medical appointments outside school hours wherever possible. Parents collecting children for appointments during school hours must produce the proof of the appointment and should report to the main office to sign their child out, so that the absence may be authorised as urgent. 


f your child is absent, please telephone or email school before 8:30am on the first day of absence and the morning of each subsequent day, unless otherwise directed by school staff in the office.

Please click the link to our Attendance Policy for any absence other than urgent or medical absence:

 Fixby J&I School Attendance Policy & Procedures

If you need to take your child out of school during term-time for any other reason, then a Leave of Absence Form with supporting documents must be submitted in advance to the Headteacher for consideration. The form can be downloaded below, or you can request a paper copy from the school office. 

Fixby J&I School Pupil Leave of Absence Request Form

If we do not receive a valid reason for absence, we will implement our First Day Calling Procedures as outlined below.

Fixby J&I School Attendance - First Day Calling Procedures 2023-2024