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Pastoral Support

Local Support

Hi, my name is Lauren Nuttall, and I am the Pastoral Manager here at Fixby J & I School. 

My job is very varied and I absolutely love it!

  • To be friendly, helpful and welcoming to parents and others visiting or making contact with the school.
  • To provide a good role model for students.
  • To develop a relationship with students which is professional, firm, fair, caring and friendly.
  • To implement the Fixby Way and support children to improve their behaviour.
  • To offer a nurturing environment where children feel safe and can grow emotionally.
  • To monitor attendance and engage with families to improve or maintain excellent attendance.
  • I'm the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - being the first point of contact and liaison between families and other children's agencies.
  • To support students' welfare, to ensure we are meeting every child's individual needs.

Lauren Nuttall
Pastoral Manager

I am available for an informal chat. You can usually find me in the playground before and after school, or you can contact me on 01484 226650 or email

Home-Start Kirklees

Welcome to Home-Start Kirklees

Home-Start Kirklees is a voluntary organisation committed to promoting the welfare of children.

We offer practical and emotional support to families living in Kirklees with at least one child under the age of 5 and not in full time education.

We recognise the ongoing challenges of raising our children in a safe and nurturing environment whilst coping with the stresses of ill health, isolation, disrupted relationships, insecure housing, financial insecurity, trauma, abuse and loss. Sometimes, we also just need someone to talk to, to be there to listen.

Since 1999 our volunteers have been visiting families in their own home, offering unique, needs-led support and sharing their own parenting experiences and helping families to build their resilience to We also have a young parents project which allows us to offer further support to families in our community.