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Pastoral Support



Hi my name is Lauren Nuttall and I am the Pastoral Manager here at Fixby J & I School. 


My job is very varied and I absolutely love it!



  • To be friendly, helpful and welcoming to parents and others visiting or making contact with the school. 
  • To provide a good role model for students. 
  • To develop a relationship with students, which is professional, firm, fair, caring and friendly. 
  • To implement the Fixby Way and support children to improve their behaviour. 
  • To offer a nurturing environment where children feel safe and can grow emotionally. 
  • To monitor attendance and engage with families to improve or maintain excellent attendance. 
  • I'm the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Being the first point of contact and liaison between families and other children's agencies. 
  • To support students welfare, to ensure we are meeting every child's individual needs.


I am available for an informal chat. You can usually find me in the playground before school and after school, or you can contact me anytime through the school number 01484 226650.