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Power Of Reading: Summary

This academic year we have introduced the 'Power of Reading' into Reception.

The Power of Reading in the Early Years brings together best practice from ten years of Power of Reading and research into outstanding practice and pedagogy for the Early Years Foundation Stage. The core elements, are fully aligned with the central Power of Reading Programme, so that Power of Reading practice is consistent throughout the school/setting. Early Years practitioners will also gain a clear understanding of how the approaches work best for our youngest children, in ways in which they are proven to learn most effectively, to ensure progress in Early Language and Literacy, in line with the Areas of Learning.

Analysis of data from the project schools has showed us that children in Power of Reading schools make outstanding progress in reading and writing. Our research shows that the project is particularly effective in narrowing the achievement gap between boys and girls and significant for those who have been previously reluctant to engage with literacy.

The Power of Reading also promotes positive attitudes to reading. Children are:
  • Choosing to read more often and at greater length 
  • Keen to read more challenging books 
  • More confident and knowledgeable in talking about books 
  • Willing to seek out deeper meanings in texts 
  • Showing greater enjoyment and achievement in writing