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Prefects at Fixby J & I School are chosen by the Headteacher and Year 6 staff following an application process. Year 6 pupils are invited to celebrate the skills and qualities they posess which would make them a good prefect.     






The Prefect’s main duties include:

  • to work with the Headteacher and staff to promote good behaviour, manners, politeness and to assist in helping the school to run effectively
  • to support the dinner staff and all who work in the school for the benefit of the children
  • to act as additional pairs of eyes at break times and lunchtimes and to report to staff serious misbehaviour
  • to uphold the Fixby Values of Friendship, Harmony, Courage, Wisdom, Fairness and Thankfulness
  • to work to prevent and report bullying and discrimination
  • to act as friends and buddies for those who need support
  • to carry out other tasks and jobs as may be directed from time to time by staff
  • to represent the school and its values at public events.


Expectations of a Prefect at Fixby

  • To act as good examples to all other pupils in terms of attitude and behaviour, uniform, punctuality and attendance.
  • To represent all at Fixby J & I School in promoting the good name of the school in and around school and in the community.
  • To uphold the school rules and help to see that others do the same.
  • To help maintain the smooth running of the school by assuming the following responsibilities:
  • Completing a duty according to the Break and Lunchtime Duty Rota, to a good standard by, being punctual and dealing with pupils and adults in a mature manner.
  • Representing the school at school events and functions, e.g. Open Day, Parents’ Evenings.
  • To wear their Prefect Badges at all times in school and make arrangements to replace them if lost.
  • To realise that Prefects may have their status taken away if they do not fulfil the above requirements.