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Please ensure that you are doing some daily reading. Once you have finished a book, remember to do an Accelerated Reader Quiz. If you have other books at home, try to do a quiz on those too. You have been given a reading activity map - try to do as many as you can. 



Mrs Stansfield has kindly made a user guide document for Accelerated Reader. Each child was given five books before school closed and I would imagine some of you would have finished those books by now. Please remember to take a quiz on each book. If you have other books at home that you've read, try to do a quiz on those too.  As Mrs Stansfield said, it is not a memory test; you can have your book to hand whilst you are taking the quiz. Keep referring back to the book to help you answer the questions. If you are reading a chapter book (especially a thick book), I would advise you to write a short summary of each chapter after you have read it. You can write it on a post it note or a bit of paper and keep it in the book for each chapter. When you are doing the quiz, it will make it easy for you to scan through the book. I have attached the user guide document below and have also included a photo of it for anyone who is unable to download the document. 



For parents who are reading with your child, here are some question word mats with examples of questions you can ask you child once they have finished reading.