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Religious Education

Pupils may find the following websites useful to further their knowledge on a certain topic or area of RE:


Key Stage 1 Religious Education Website:


DFE – Bitesize clips


NATRE – home learning resources


Religions of the World - Animated BBC films to teach 3-7 year olds about different religions:


Charlie and Blue films visiting places of worship, celebrating some festivals and much more 7 films suitable for 5-7 year olds.


Key Stage 2 Religious Education Website:


BBC Bitesize- 7-11 year olds can find out about different religions and non-religious worldviews through BBC Bitesize.


True Tube - A series of films suitable for pupils aged 7-11 on a variety of topics such as a History of Islam in 10 minutes, a day in the life of a vicar, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, visits to places of worship in the Holy Cribs series and much much more.


NATRE – home learning resources


My Life, My Religion Short BBC films for 7-11 year olds featuring children from 5 of the world’s major religions: