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At the beginning of each school year we ask all parents/carers to make a contribution of £5 per child, or £10 per family if you have a sibling group within school.  The money raised from this helps support the programmes not covered by the school budget.

During the past years parents donations have helped to:

  • subsidise many school trips
  • provide more opportunities before and after school such as archery, a science club, craft club and photography club
  • upgrade the quad area outside the hall into an outdoor learning area with artificial grass, picnic tables and parasols
  • make a substantial contribution of books to our KS1 Reading Scheme Library providing additional books for the KS2 Reading Scheme 


On behalf of School, I would like to thank parents for their continued support. It is through extra-curricular activities, in school time and out of school, that children are able to have the best possible education and socialisation.

In order to keep offering these programmes, we rely on the support of our generous parents and carers. We appreciate your efforts and hope that you will continue to make a difference.

Claire Allen