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SN - Monday 11th January 2021

Good morning! laugh


How are you today? I hope you have had a restful weekend and you are ready for a new week of home learning.


Remember that from Wednesday, we will be moving onto a different system called TEAMS. You should have received your log in details for this last Friday. You should have also received your school report. Please email me if you have not received these:


Here are your activities for today:



Today we are going to recap our Phase 2 sounds. 


Watch this video and say the sounds:


Phase 2 Phonics

Read the caption and draw a line to match it to the correct picture. If you can't print this sheet, have a go at writing some of the captions and drawing a picture next to it. 

Read the words and draw pictures to illustrate them. 

Ask a grown up to read these captions for you to have a go at writing. Don't peek! Remember to use capital letters, finger space and full stops.


Rats on a sack.



A pup in the mud.



Let's recap 2D shapes. 

Click this link. What shapes can you see? Choose the correct shape monster to eat each shape. 


I would like you again to practice writing addition sentences to 10. First count the objects and write the number, then complete the number sentence by writing the total.




I hope you are ready for our workout! 

Kids Workout 5

Have a go at making a house. What shapes can you see?




If you can't print this sheet out, can you draw the shapes yourself?


Too Much Glue


I hope you have had a lovely day!


Here is a story to finish with.


Miss Sykes laugh