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SN - Tuesday 12th January 2021

Good morning! laugh


Today is our last day of home learning on this website. From tomorrow we will be using TEAMS. Please email me if you do not have your log in details:


If you haven't had chance to watch the training videos yet, here is the link again:


Please have a go on the Microsoft Teams activity that has been put on for practice. We know that there will be some teething problems, but it will be so good in the long run.


Please see your activities below. Have a lovely day! 



Watch this video again and say the sounds:

Phase 2 Phonics

Read the caption and draw a line to match it to the correct picture. If you can't print this sheet, have a go at writing some of the captions and drawing a picture next to it. 


Read the words and draw pictures to illustrate them. 



Ask a grown up to read these captions for you to have a go at writing. Don't peek! Remember to use capital letters, finger space and full stops.


Mugs and cups. 



Run to the den.


Following on from yesterday, have a go at these tasks:


Can you draw a triangle?

Can you draw a square?

Can you draw rectangle?

Can you draw a circle?


Can you have a go at labelling your shapes?


You are going to colour in this pirate. First you need to answer the addition sentences. Use objects or your fingers to help you. 


When you have found the answers, check which colour you need to use.


7 = red

5 = brown

10 = blue

8 = yellow




It's workout time!

Kids Workout 6

Today I would like you to draw your own house. Draw who lives with you inside your house:



Can you label and write the names of your family members?


Here is a story to finish with.


If you haven't already done so, please have a go on Microsoft Teams ready for tomorrow.


Miss Sykes laugh

The Little Red Hen