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Thursday 11th June 2020

Good morning Year 3!


I was working with the Key Worker children yesterday, and it was so lovely to see some familiar faces from our classes. It is a real shame that the weather has changed, but I hope that you’re all still doing well at home, working hard and enjoying some family time. I know that all of the teachers across school are looking forward to your return, particularly myself and Mrs Martin. Keep smiling! 
Speak tomorrow.


Love Miss North


Hi Year 3


Whilst Miss North was working with the Key Worker children yesterday I worked planning our first writing project for the 3/4 classes in September. I think you will really like it because I enjoyed planning it. I worked with Mrs Ahmed and we think you will produce some super writing. It will be so nice to teach a class full of children again. it seems like forever since we were all in the classroom. Please keep sending your emails as I like to hear what you are doing each day. 


Have a great day.


Love from 


Mrs Martin



Today in maths you will be comparing lengths. Which is longer? Which is shorter? If one piece of string is 1cm and the other is 2m, which is longer?

There is a video to help you before you complete a worksheet. The video and worksheet are attached below. The answers are also attached below, but please don't peek!

Year 3 - Week 7 - Lesson 4 - Compare length.mp4

Still image for this video



Today's reading activity is another inference picture. Look carefully at the image, then answer the questions below.



1.  Where is this photo set?


2.  Can you describe what is happening in the photo?


3.  Why do you think that the boy is alone?


4.  How do you think the boy feels?


5. What happened before this photo was taken?


6.  What will happen next?


7.  What title would you give this image and why?




For today's writing activity, you need to imagine that the animals could talk. What would they say to each other during the clip?


Use the skills that you learnt in your SPaG work on Monday to help you. There is a template linked below for you to use also.



If you are all Joe Wickes'd out and want something different, I have found a different PE lesson for you to do today!

Home PE lesson 4