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Thursday 14th May

Happy Thursday 3/4M


I hope you are all well and had a super Wednesday. Jacob was really excited all day yesterday because we ordered him a new bike and it was available to collect at 4pm. He bounced around all day asking what time it was all day. 


We collected it at 4pm and brought it home. He is now learning to ride it without stabilisers. I guess I will spend a lot of time outside helping him today. I will take a photograph to show you all. 


In between listening to Jacob, I managed to get more of your reports written yesterday. I am determined to have them all done by the end of next week. I keep doing a few at a time. I am working on the maths comments at the moment. I am also working on some reading and writing planning for September. Year 3 will get to do this with their new teachers. It is really exciting and I think you will like it. 


Please see below for today's jobs. 



I have found a lovely reading comprehension today which will help inspire you for the writing task that I have added. 


It is an extract from The Secret Garden and the writing is beautiful. Try to look for the powerful verbs and the adjectives whilst you are reading it. You may be able to magpie some of these for your own planning later. 

Reading Comprehension



I want you to plan your own setting description of a secret garden today. (You will write this tomorrow)


I have attached a planning sheet to help you gather your ideas.


Begin with the picture of the hidden door. Think about how the door is hidden? Where have you found the door? What is covering it? What is it made of?

Add all this detail to you picture. 

You might want to write some key words around your picture to help you with your writing tomorrow.


Then move on to think about how you felt as you opened the door. How did your feelings effect your body? Did you get butterflies or sweaty hands? Did you step back in fear? Were you really excited and not able to stand still? You choose.


What was the first thing you saw? Use adjectives to describe it. Can you include some similes, metaphors or even personification?


What did you see next - continue to describe in detail. Paint a picture for the reader using your words. 


What could you hear - is is calm and peaceful or is it busy and noisey? 


Describe how you feel now you are in the garden?


The more detail you add on your planning sheet the better your writing will be tomorrow.




Setting Description Planning Sheet



Log into White Rose Maths and watch the videos below. I have attached the worksheets and answers underneath, 


Year 3 - Lesson 4 - Multiplication and Division Problem Solving

Year 4 - Lesson 4 - Area Counting Squares


Remember your 30 minutes of TT Rockstars. I expect times table super stars when we are all back in school. I will ask Miss North how to set up a class battle, as I think she has done this and try to arrange it for tomorrow. 

Take a break for lunch. What are you having today? I am sure it is something nice.


Many families may be fasting, if so then take this time to relax and rest. 


This afternoon you can choose some different activities from the Art and STEM grids. (Jacob ate all of his gummy bears before he had chance to measure them!!!)


I have also found some other activities linked to the Secret Garden, so I have added them below. You may have some of the flowers in your own garden or alternatively you may spot some whilst you are out walking with your grown ups. (Make sure you only go out with an adult.)

You can fill in the wildlife journal from your garden or whilst you are out walking too. Why not do one every day for a week and see what different creatures you spot?


I think I will have a go at these with Jacob, he can look for the flowers and wildlife whilst he is riding his new bike during our daily exercise. 

I hope you enjoy today's activities and hopefully manage to spend some time learning outside too.


Take care and have a great day.


Thought of the day:



Love from 


Mrs Martin xxx