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Thursday 14th May





How are you all? 
As always, loving your emails! We keep updating the 'Your Photos' section! So keep heading back to spot your friends! 


How are you doing with your maths? Subtraction can be a little bit tricky but don't give in! Keep going!

Have you been spotting 'oi' sounds everywhere? We used coins in maths last week didn't we?


What have we been up to? 


Miss Day: We got up early and did our exercise again this morning, it always makes me feel better starting the day with Mr Joe Wicks himself! 
We hung all our washing on the line - I've been teaching Holly to help with jobs around the house. Do you help with any jobs around your house? 


Holly and I did some painting again today. I did a hummingbird - I'm really proud of it! We followed a tutorial online. I think I'd like to run a painting club at school one day! Here's a picture...


Today's extra special video is from Miss Smith. She has been making bird feeders with Phoebe at home - we're going to try these too! They're amazing! 


Miss Smith Makes- Bird Feeders