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Thursday 14th May 2020

Good morning 2S,

How are you feeling today? I'm pleased that the weather is improving again - it always makes me feel so much better.


Which of the art projects did you do yesterday? Did you make aliens from toilet rolls or a flying saucer? I wonder if any of you managed to do both.


Well, here are today's tasks:


Spelling work

I said that you would be starting off today with a quick task to see if you can use there, their and they're correctly.


For the first three sentences discuss with your parent why the homophone is correct and then decide which homophone is required to fill the rest of the gaps:


Here are the answers:

1. there is correct because the rainbow is in that place or position

2. their is correct because the house belongs to the people

3. they're is correct because it is short for they are

4. there

5. their

6. their

7. there

8. they're

9. their

10. they're

11. their

12. there

13. there                                                          How did you do?


Before we had to finish school, I noticed that a lot of you were mixing up of and off.

When we say of, it sounds like ov.

Off has a softer sound, doesn't it?



Here's a PowerPoint to work through for lots of other homophones. Can you solve the riddles?


Did you like learning about life on the International Space Station? Today, you’re going to use your notes from yesterday to write the second section of Bolt’s Space Report about living on the ISS.



Here’s my WAGOLL:

Life on the ISS is definitely interesting! It’s similar to being on an aeroplane except that everything that isn’t fastened down floats because there is no gravity. Food can be great fun especially when the astronauts catch it in their mouths. Drinks becoming wobbly balloons is really weird! Keeping clean is tricky as water is very precious so must not be wasted. Giant wet wipes are used for washing and wee and poo are sucked down the toilet with air! Exercise is really important to keep the astronauts fit and healthy and when they’re tired, did you know that they sleep standing up or floating around!?


Remember to write in full sentences using capital letters and full stops for each one. You may also need to use commas, question marks or exclamation marks. The questions make it really interesting and engaging for your reader because they make them think about what they are reading.


Let's start as we usually do with a Flashbacks page. Are you quick at pressing the Play button so that you don't see the answers!?


Before you do today's learning, if you know you need some practice with your number bonds to 10, then play this game. These are the options you will need:


To finish with, here are today's Problems of the Day:



Here is your next task linked to the book Beegu. Today, you have to imagine that you are Beegu and write what he would be saying and thinking at different times in the story.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. You can use your imagination, though there are clues in the story and pictures, of course.


Today we are going to think about what we have learnt about materials. Look through these slides and discuss the different materials.

Isn't this story silly!? Can you change the words that are wrong on slide 9. Think carefully about the materials that the objects would be made from.

You might want to number the blank boxes and just list the words, or you could copy the improved story out in your most beautiful handwriting.



Or you could print it out and write on it:

Can you create your own mini story like this?


I hope you've had a fab day! 


Mrs Stansfield