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Thursday 14th May 2020


Happy Thursday!


Thank you to those children who wished me a happy birthday yesterday! I loved receiving your emails. I had a lovely, relaxing day with my family and then we ordered a take-away as a treat in the evening. It's back to properly working today.

Here is today's work. Scroll down to see your daily afternoon work. Make sure that you click your groups folder to do the correct work.
If you work with Miss Johnson, please use the work from the folder below:



I want you to plan your own setting description of a secret garden today. (You will write this tomorrow)

I have attached a planning sheet to help you gather your ideas.


Begin with the picture of the hidden door. Think about how the door is hidden? Where have you found the door? What is covering it? What is it made of?

Add all this detail to you picture. 

You might want to write some key words around your picture to help you with your writing tomorrow.


Then move on to think about how you felt as you opened the door. How did your feelings effect your body? Did you get butterflies or sweaty hands? Did you step back in fear? Were you really excited and not able to stand still? You choose.


What was the first thing you saw? Use adjectives to describe it. Can you include some similes if you want.


What did you see next - continue to describe in detail. Paint a picture for the reader using your words. 


What could you hear - is is calm and peaceful or is it busy and noisy? 


Describe how you feel now you are in the garden?


The more detail you add on your planning sheet the better your writing will be tomorrow.

Mrs Martin also found some other activities linked to the Secret Garden, so I have added them below.

You may have some of the flowers in your own garden or alternatively you may spot some whilst you are out walking with your grown ups. (Make sure you only go out with an adult.)


You can fill in the wildlife journal from your garden or whilst you are out walking too. Why not do one every day for a week and see what different creatures you spot?

Song of the day

Thinking Thursday


This song has a message to challenge us all! A song to promote plenty of thinking about how we speak and the powerful effect our words can have, for good or otherwise.


I hope you all have a lovely day!


Speak tomorrow,


Miss North smiley