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Thursday 14th May

Good morning 5G


Yesterday I went into school to look after the essential workers children we have in. I popped down to our class and it felt so empty without you all there. It looks just like it did when we left it with the Antarctica English on the working wall which is so strange because that seems an awful long time ago now. I can't wait for us to get back to normal and have you back in class. Fingers crossed it will be safe to do that soon.


Today we have our next revision topic for Maths from the White Rose Home Learning.

Summer Term - Week 4 (w/c 11th May) - Lesson 4 - Compare and order fractions less than one

Don't forget if you need more help BBC Bitesize has further clips and support.

For English, we have further space themed Guided Reading this time non-fiction information about Neil Armstrong (maybe your story can have him as a character that makes a cameo appearance), then the task again as a reminder, and a new WAGOLL to help you with your amazing writing.

As additional learning about space, I am attaching a website with links to videos and fact sheets which might also help with your writing. Check out the amazing pictures on the Mars Express. Wow! I hope it gives you more inspiration.


Finally,  a bit of a fun animation task today, using digital photography on a tablet or phone (if you have them available). You need some models, either made, built from lego or toys you have around the house. Create a story and use stop animation to produce an amazing film at home. BBC Bitesize has a lesson that shows you how. I would love to see some of these, so email them over.


Have fun and stay safe.


Mrs Garside