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Thursday 14th May



Just a short one from me today. 


I've been working almost non-stop this week - we have lots to arrange for going back to school, and I have other things I need to be doing. To add to this, we just heard that the housing market has opened up again, which should hopefully mean that we can finally move house sometime in the near future. I'm really excited for this. 


Like so many people, I'm really struggling with not seeing family members at the minute. I can tell Seth really misses his grandparents, and it's sad to have to tell him he can't see them - he's obviously too young to understand any of this. 


Thursday evening in our household is quiz night. Do any of you do Jay'sVirtualPubQuiz?

He does different quizzes most days, sometimes for adults, sometimes for kids. On a Thursday and a Saturday he does live quizzes - so that is once again our plan for this evening. Me and Lauren are rubbish at quizzes, so I feel sure your family would have a good chance at beating us!

Enjoy your day. 

For maths today I'd like you to focus on the white rose home learning. It's based on fractions and going over some work we've done previously in the year. Fractions play such a big part of life in year 6, so it's vital you are really secure with these. Week 4 lesson 4. This on finding fractions of amounts. 

Watch the video and then do the sheets that I have attached (they are no longer given on the website). 

Afterwards, I'd like you to do more practice from this link:

For English, we have further space themed Guided Reading this time non-fiction information about Neil Armstrong (maybe your story can have him as a character that makes a cameo appearance), then the task again as a reminder, and a new WAGOLL to help you with your amazing writing.

Next, I'd like you to focus on this design and technology lesson.

It is all about designing objects - to do this, you must think of a problem that needs solving. e.g. people need a comfortable lace to sit and relax - the sofa was invented.

Go through this link, watch the videos, and complete the activities. 

Finally,  a bit of a fun animation task today, using digital photography on a tablet or phone (if you have them available). You need some models, either made, built from lego or toys you have around the house. Create a story and use stop animation to produce an amazing film at home. BBC Bitesize has a lesson that shows you how. I would love to see some of these, so email them over.