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Thursday 16th July

Happy Thursday Year 3,


We have only one more day to go now before the summer break!!


I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's activities. I am in the Green Room with the Key Workers today and I am going to try out some of the team building activities that we will be doing in September. I will let you know how they go tomorrow. 


Have a great day.


Love from Mrs Martin. 

Good morning Year 3 and happy Thursday!

1 more day until the 7-week summer break!


How are you all?

I spent yesterday with the Key Worker children. We did lots of fun activities, including decorating biscuits. Have a look at our designs below. Which is your favourite?


Today I will be busy finishing off my classroom for my new class starting in September. It still feels very surreal that I won't get to finish my first year of teaching with you. We have all been working very hard across school, getting ready for the new year ahead, so I can't wait for you all to be back.


Have a lovely day!

Speak soon.

Love from Miss North x 



Today's maths activity is all about adding two 3-digit numbers together, with exchanging. Remember to not get caught out by the exchange in these calculations. 



Today's reading is an interesting text, comprising of three advertisements which link to traditional tales. Can you guess which traditional tales they come from?

Read the text and then answer the questions linked to the text.



Today's SPaG activity focuses on revising and identifying nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

This lesson includes:

  • one video to help you revise verbs

  • one video to remind you how to use adjectives and adverbs

  • four activities

Click the link below, to access the lesson:

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Getting Ready for September


Fill in the booklet, all about your new class in Year 4. Write your teachers name, draw a picture of them and fill in the booklet, answering the questions. We would love for you to send this in, to show your new teachers.