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Thursday 16th July

Morning lovely people. 


It's very nearly the Summer Holidays.


Normally tonight would be your school leavers' disco. Unfortunately we obviously can't do this. But I'm promising you, it will happen. 

As I've said before, we're looking at confirming a date before September, but we have to wait to hear from the government when this is.


As always, please be aware that we think the world of you. We miss you. We can't wait to see you all again when it is possible. 


Enjoy your penultimate day!

For Maths today you are going to look at some averages and do some work on the mean.


We've looked at this when talking about doing our SATs, but you've never completed this work before.


Watch the video and complete the worksheet.

Week 12 Lesson 4.

For reading you should finish the last questions of the comprehension we've been working on.

Make sure that you mark your work afterwards. 

For English I want you to do this lesson on writing a legend.


Watch the videos and complete the activity. 

Mrs Walker's group A


Today you need to write the temperature shown on each thermometer.  Then use <, > or = to make the number sentences correct.

Mrs Walker's group B


Today you need to solve the money word problems.  Then add the cost of the items from the menu for each table.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read the information about British female athletes and answer the questions.


Rewrite the sentences by replacing the word in bold with a more powerful adjective.

I think the boys are going to really love this lesson.


It's a dance lesson!