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Thursday 18th June

Happy Thursday Year 3, 


I hope you had a great Wednesday and are ready for another good day. I spent some time organising the last of the stationary and cupboards in our classroom yesterday. It is all super organised now. I hope you are impressed when you see it. 


Mr Martin and Harry were very excited last night as the Premier League football matches began again and they were able to watch Manchester City and Arsenal on  the TV. It felt like old times in our house as they watched football and I sat working on my laptop!! Jacob got fed up of the football and played on his marble run!!


Have a super Thursday, I will speak to you tomorrow. 


Love from Mrs Martin. 

Good morning and happy Thursday! 

It’s nearly the end of the working week already, where has this week gone? 
I hope you all have had a lovely week so far. I spent my day with the Key Worker children yesterday, which was lovely. Although I am definitely missing all your lovely faces even more when I’m working with these children. I cannot wait to see you all and find out what you’ve been doing. You’ll all have grown up so much! 

Today Mrs Martin, Miss Anwar and I are carrying on getting organised for your return, planning and preparing our classrooms. I hope you’ll see them and think they look as amazing as we think they do! We’re trying to get super organised and tidy, with lots of fancy new stationary and colourful displays, to welcome you back.

It has been SO lovely to receive your emails the last couple of days with what you’ve all been getting up to. It makes me miss you all even more but puts a BIG smile on my face!

Enjoy your Thursday!


Love from, 

Miss North



Today is another day on calculating the perimeter of shapes. The video is linked below with the worksheet and answers also attached. Have a go and let us know how you're getting on.

Year 3 - Week 8 - Lesson 4 - Calculate perimeter.mp4

Still image for this video

SPaG/ Writing


Today you will be writing your diary. Using your planning from yesterday, can you create your own diary entry from the perspective of the adventurer? 

Try to use adventurous and advanced vocabulary to make your entry really exciting!



Today's reading activity is an inference style set of questions. Have a look at the picture below and answer the questions in your exercise book.




Today we thought we could practise something a little different. In school, we learn French with Mrs McAuley, however we thought you could try a different language, Spanish. Watch the videos on the BBC Bitesize link about Family and pets, then have a go at some of the activities on the webpage, or create a poster about your family and pets in Spanish with the English translations.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!