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Thursday 18th June

Hello lovely people,


I hope you're all well and remaining positive. 


One of my best friends got in contact with our group on Whatsapp yesterday and said that he's really struggling and needs some company. He has found lockdown really difficult and lonely. I was really proud of him for opening up about the way he is feeling - it's so important that people do this. We've decided as a group of friends that we are going to meet up in my garden on Saturday. We will socially distance, and there is only 6 of us, so we are sticking by the rules, but I'm so excited to see everybody, and hope it helps him with his situation.

If you're struggling with emotions at any stage, you need to speak out as that's the only way people can help. Talk to people in your family, your friends or please know I'm always here to help Feel free to email me at any stage:

For Maths today i'd like you to continue your work with measurement. This time you are going to convert between kilometres and miles. 

You need to watch the videos before completing the sheets. 

Week 8, Lesson 4.

For reading, I'd like you to focus on this text for the next two days. Today I'd like you to just read the text and gain an understanding of it. It's Macbeth.

Tomorrow you will answer the questions and check the answers which are attached at the bottom.

For writing you are continuing to look at poetry. 

This is all about limericks which are so much fun to write.

Make them as unique and funny as you can!


Finally, we are looking at revision of the circulatory system in Science.

Mrs Walker's group A


Today you will use all the skills that you have learnt over the last three days (telling the time on the hour, at half past the hour, at quarter to and quarter past the hour).

Mrs Walker's group B


Today we are continuing with place value.  There are two worksheets for you to complete.  When you check your work, the answers for worksheet one are in the column underneath the single star and the answers for worksheet two are in the column underneath the three stars.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read The Ultimate Jungle Survival Guide and answer the questions.



You should have written the introduction and the first paragraph of your letter.  Today you are going to write the second paragraph.  You need to choose another animal from the list that you made on Monday and explain the effect that deforestation is having on them and why we need to save them.  Use the paragraph two template to help you.