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Thursday 21st May 2020

Good Morning Class 1/2A and Parent laugh


How are you feeling today? We have only more get up and we finish for half term. You can have a good rest and hopefully enjoy the nice weather. All our families that will be celebrating Eid on the weekend, it will be a very busy time at their houses.

How did you get on with your Art activities yesterday? Did you make a robot? Did you make a spaceship porthole instead? Please send me any pictures!


Today’s activities:

This is the link if you would like to start your day with Joe Wicks PE:



Mrs Ahmad’s Group

Play Phase 5 flashcard



Then click on phase 5 games and play Odd and Bob Game.

Click play and then click revise all sounds.



Independent Activity:

I have planned two phonics activities for you to complete today.

Activity 1:  Cut these pictures and sort them out into two columns.



Activity 2: 



Mrs Green’s Group

Play Phase 4 flashcard time Trail



Then click on phase 4 games and play Odd and Bob Game.

Click play and then click on set 2 CVC CCVC words.



Independent Activity:

Circle the word that matches the pictures.



Break Time:

Let’s do a mindfulness activity. Just click on the video.

On & Off - Flow | GoNoodle

This exercise will teach you to turn high, stressful energy off so you can do what you need to do to be your best self. This video comes from GoNoodle's Flow...

Mental and Oral Starter Activity:

Click and play Mental Maths train game. 



Practice your number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.




Let's start as we usually do with a Flashbacks page. Are you quick at pressing the Play button so that you don't see the answers!?





Click on the video when you are ready.

Year 2 - Week 4 - Lesson 4 - Bonds to 100 (tens and ones)

This is "Year 2 - Week 4 - Lesson 4 - Bonds to 100 (tens and ones)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love...

Here are today's Maths activity sheets.



To finish with, here are today's Problems of the Day:



Break Time

I thinks time for us to get moving with super movers. Let’s try level 2

today. When you are ready click on link to play the video.




All that’s left is to check your report through and do any editing. Have you checked your spellings? Have you made sure that your reader can breathe by using the correct punctuation?


It’s now time to produce a neat copy of your report. Use your most beautiful writing, making sure that there are clear spaces between your words and that all of your writing is sitting on the lines with the descenders (tails) hanging down. Check that your tall letters are tall enough, too.




Copy out the first page today, and the second page tomorrow.


I'm sure you are ready for some lunch now!


Guided Reading

Now it's time to listen to the story again. I have found a video link of the story, click on the video when you are ready. You can pause the story at anytime to answer the questions or check your answers. 


This 'out of this world book' is a wonderful story time read aloud for key stage 1 children. Beegu is lost and needs to find his way home. Enjoy this fun boo...

Have you enjoyed this story? Why? Why not? 

You are now going to pretend to be Beegu. Read through these questions and answer them in role as Beegu.




In our topic learning, we are now going to be focusing on weather. Today we are going to find differences between seasonal and daily weather.


What season are we in now? What is the weather like at the moment? Before we look at the PowerPoint slides, can you write a list of the four seasons, and write a couple of words to describe the weather in each season? Here is an example:


Spring- Windy






Now look through these slides and discuss them. Check your list against the list in these slides, did you have some of the same words?



Now look through these slides and discuss them. Check your list against the list in these slides, did you have some of the same words?

Here is a choice of two templates. If you can’t print them, create a similar template on a piece of paper. 

Your task is to write a weather diary over the school holidays; that is Monday 25 May to Sunday the 31st May. You could have a practice and write an entry for today. 







Story Time:


Did you enjoy yesterday’s story? I have chosen a special story for you to listen to today

to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

First, I'd like you to watch this clip from a film which I'm sure that you'll recognise:


Inside Out: Guessing the feelings.

I hope you all have a fab day and remember to do your very best. Just one more get up!!!


Bye for now and see you all tomorrow.


Have a lovely evening.


Love Mrs Ahmad XXX wink