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Thursday 21st May 2020


Welcome to Thursday 3N!


Miss North: It's getting closer and closer to the weekend, which means it's nearly the half-term holidays! How quickly has this half term been? You have all worked so hard! I can't believe that I haven't seen some of you in 9 WEEKS! It's been so lovely to hear from some of you by email, so keep emailing me every day! It really makes me smile. I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!


Mrs Buttery: Hello! How are you? Wasn't it hot outside yesterday? We got our paddling pool out and it was so hot that I got in it with George. He loved climbing in and out and sliding down the slide. 


Here is today's work. Scroll down to see your daily afternoon work. Make sure that you click your groups folder to do the correct work.

If you work with Miss Johnson, please use the work from the folder below:

Song of the day

7 Days A Week


A fast-paced, rockin' song describing the reasons we love each day – from Monday to Sunday. A great way to dance your way through the days of the week!
Get creative making a family video using this song, then chill out by designing your perfect ‘day of family rest’. Don’t forget to have a go at learning to sign this song too!

Click the video below...



I would like you to do some Learning For Life today.

It is important that we look after our mental health as much as our physical health and so I want us to spend some time today thinking about our thoughts and how they make us feel. We will look at positive and negative thoughts and how we can challenge the negative thoughts that we have. 


Read through the PowerPoint and then complete the superhero activity. You may want to share this PowerPoint with your adult. I have also included a positive thought sheet for you to have a look at. 

I also thought it might be nice to keep a weekly wellbeing journal. You might want to talk about your goals for the day, what you are grateful for or any worries you have. I have attached a template for you if you wish to use it, or you could create your own.

I will upload all the templates, Monday to Friday, tomorrow so that you have them for the week ahead...

I hope that you enjoy today's activities. Please send me some emails and photos, I am feeling lonely this week as I have not received many!!


Lot's of love,


Miss North laugh