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Thursday 21st May



Hello everyone! 


How are you all? You're doing so well - keep it up and we'll give you a whole week off next week! Ok - because it's half term - but yay!


How are you all? Thanks for all the emails - we love them! It's always lovely to see you completing all these activities we've planned for you in 'real life'!


What have we been up to? 

Miss Day: You guessed it - working again! BUT I finished writing all of your end of year reports yesterday, which is a BIG job! So I did a little happy dance! Wahoo! 60 second dance party for me! Come on - dance with me!

If you want a song to dance to, one of my favourites is 'Benny and the Jets- Elton John' go give it a listen! Holly likes this one too, especially when he sings super high! (come on Miss Newburn, Miss Smith, Mrs Atkinson get dancing!) 


I found it really hard to keep working yesterday in the sunshine, so we had a lovely break and went outside for lunch! It was HOT! Did you spend some time outside? 

We had ice-cream too - I like ice-cream, honeycomb is my favourite! How about you? Here's a photo of Holly & I in our garden! 


Miss Day :)